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Best Pharmaceutical Repackaging Practices

The act of repackaging drug products is the primary specialty of DirectRx, a fully  licensed prepackaged medication provider headquartered just north of Atlanta, GA. At the DirectRx repackaging facility, medicines are pre-packed in their respective containers in the sizes most commonly prescribed, without ever altering, combining, mixing, diluting, or manipulating the drug’s characteristics.The act of repackaging allows companies, like DirectRx, to give providers a safe and convenient method to ensure prescriptions are received by their patients, via in-office dispensing. 

Aside from the convenience it provides to patients, pharmaceutical repackaging can also help in minimizing medication errors due to the fact that the medicine is already prepared and readily available at the point of care; no need to make a second trip to a pharmacy, and no confusion in what was written on a prescription.

As a provider of medicines and dispensing programs, DirectRx adheres to the following best practices when it comes to pharmaceutical repackaging.

1. It must be FDA-Compliant.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a guidance document on repackaging medical supplies of licensed pharmacies and in-office drug dispensing solution providers. While repackaging is acceptable, applicable conditions need to be strictly followed to avoid penalties and other sanctions from the FDA. 

The FDA thoroughly evaluates the repackaging of drug products for quality assurance. Serious, life-threatening and irreversible incidents may happen when the products are not properly repackaged. 

2. It must be committed to drug safety and quality. 

Drug safety and quality are two significant provisions of patient care. Complications and deaths could arise from improperly repackaged drug products, hence there is a pressing need to observe these best practices in pharmaceutical repackaging. 

DirectRx provides a designated, separate, and clean work area for repackaging medications. It is equipped with the right instruments and apparatus, which are calibrated and maintained regularly by a certified technician, to carry out the preparations.

Our personnel who are working on the repackaging are familiar with the FDA Guidelines. They are well trained to use the instruments or apparatus, including the SOP for labeling the medicines. Our staff members also observe a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.  

3. It must make the pharmacy or medical facility most efficient.

Apart from providing better patient care, repackaging can improve the efficiency of in-office drug dispensing. 

Medications are sold in large quantities by manufacturers. Pharmacies and facilities make wholesale purchases of these drug products to be repackaged and sold at different establishments, including a doctor’s office with an in-office dispensing system. 

Making these products conveniently available where patients receive primary care or specialized care can help the business thrive. This could increase the revenue and profitability of the doctor’s clinic because the drug products found in the in-office dispensing system cater to the specific needs of the patients. The entire packaging process is highly customizable and it can also provide for a faster turn-over in the inventory with little to no waste products.

prepackaged medication providers

Pharmaceutical repackaging solutions at DirectRX

DirectRX, one of the best prepackaged medication providers, offers point-of-care pre-packaged medication and customized dispensing solutions to healthcare providers.

Whether you are an urgent care clinic, on-site clinic, hospital, work-comp clinic or physician practice, DirectRx is more than willing to meet your needs related to an in-office medication dispensing system.

We are experts at handling prescription delivery services for a variety of medication dispensing programs. Our system is easy to use, thus providing convenience to clinics and doctors.

Get in touch with us to find out how our expertise as one of the best, prepackaged medication providers can serve your medical practice.



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