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Health care providers across the country are constantly looking for new ways to improve their practices efficiency and enhance their patient care. DirectRx is dedicated to helping all health care providers incorporate in office dispensing into their practice. Utilizing our turn key dispensing program, doctors in most states across the country can be actively dispensing to their patients within just a few business days.


Some of the practices that are dispensing most actively include: Orthopedic, Anesthesiologist, Family Physicians, Podiatrists, PM & R, Dermatologists, Pediatricians, Oral Surgeons


Many practices, particularly in Primary Care, ObGyn, Weight Loss and Dermatology find that dispensing medications to their patients on a private pay basis makes the most sense.

  1. Patients with Rx insurance: In the majority of cases, you can dispense a generic medication for about the same amount as the patient’s Rx co-pay if they used their insurance at a retail pharmacy. The trend is for increasing co-pays and high deductibles. In many cases, doctors using DirectRx can dispense a medication for less than a patient’s Rx co-pay, while still making a profit.
  2. Patients without Rx insurance: DirectRx helps healthcare providers by providing competitive price data that enables our clients to maximize volume and profits. In many cases, DirectRx clients can dispense popular generic medications for less than the major retail pharmacies sell the same prescriptions for, while still making a profit
  3. Compete with low cost, $4.00 generics: DirectRx clients find that as long as they’re within a close range of the very low cost generic medications,
    they can compete and be successful dispensing medications to their patients at the point of care.
    The average cash prescription profit for you is between $5.00-$7.00 per prescription! Imagine what that can do for your bottom line.
  4. According to a 2007 research poll, 3 out of 4 patients stated that, if given the choice,
    they would rather have their prescription filled by their doctor than going to the pharmacy.
  5. 84% of respondents said such a service would be more convenient, and 62% said it would help them better manage their health.

With DirectRx, the process is fast, easy, automated and compliant.  Once you contact us to begin the process, your office can be up and running in as little as 72 hours if all requirements are met. The question isn’t really whether you should consider offering filled prescriptions to your patients.  The question is, why haven’t you yet?  To get started contact us today.



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