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DirectRx is a second generation owned repackaging facility located just north of Atlanta, Georgia. With a management team that possesses a combined 50+ years of commitment to quality, service and overall satisfaction within the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries, we pride ourselves in being one of the best options available for pre-packed medications.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition through our stellar, white-glove customer service approach and our ability to provide the highest quality pre-packed medications to our physicians quickly and reliably.

Our team specializes in offering both in-office pharmaceutical dispensing solutions and insurance/work comp billing options to healthcare providers, employer health clinics, urgent care centers, family practices, government facilities, and many more! DirectRx offers a complete line of generic medications that are designed to fit all practice disciplines.

We are dedicated to delivering the highest levels of satisfaction in the implementation and ongoing support of our solutions. By leveraging our team’s various expertise’s, we are able to cost effectively offer unique products and solutions that not only help generate revenue for our clients, but are also scalable so our clients can expand their offering. Our inventory management system tracks products down to the pill level and we provide a medication pedigree for everything that leaves our facility so you can rest assured that you are always receiving safe, effective, quality medications .



Point-of-care dispensing increases patient convenience – A medication dispensed at the point of care means that the patient does not have to travel elsewhere to wait for medications at a pharmacy.


In a cash dispensing scenario, most generic medications cost the patient no more than $15-$20 – which is similar or less than most insurance co-pays. Keeping a consistent price allows the patient to feel confident that their medications will always be available at an affordable rate, direct from their own provider.


Research suggests that only 60% of doctor prescriptions are filled when the patient uses a traditional pharmacy. The remaining 40% never get filled. Patient compliance is closer to 100% with Point-of-care dispensing.

Patients that don’t fill their prescriptions can end up with a worsened condition or develop symptoms for an entirely new condition simply because they did not adhere to their medication regimen. Dispensing at the point-of-care ensures they received their meds and have had an opportunity to ask questions about proper administration.


Point-of-care dispensing creates an additional revenue stream for the clinic. Each prescription written is a revenue opportunity lost to the pharmacy. You can capture that cash flow through dispensing, insurance/work comp billing. 


By having medications on-site, practices are able to reduce the number of calls they make and receive from pharmacies. In addition, with the use of our sophisticated dispensing software, a dispense from start to finish takes less than 90 seconds.


Physician practices can set themselves apart from other practices and drugstores by offering point-of-care medication.

If you are interested in learning more about what DirectRx can do for you and your practice, please contact us and we’ll be happy to demonstrate how our tried-and-true model can be an amazing asset to your clinic.

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