Worker’s Compensation

Generate a New Revenue Stream by Directly Dispensing Prescriptions for Worker’s Compensation Patients.

When workers are injured on the job, it costs their company money every moment they are away from work. You can offer exemplary service to employers who have employees hurt on the job, getting them back to work sooner, and increasing your profit margins at the same time.

The average Worker’s Comp Prescription profit for you is between $30-$100 PER PRESCRIPTION!

As a worker’s compensation provider, you understand that claims are often rejected, complicated and time consuming. DirectRx offers you a unique service of both providing medication to patients as well as having us handle all of the back-end billing on your behalf. We then handle all of the insurance claims, rejections, and appeals on your behalf so you and your staff can spend your time treating patients, not worrying about paperwork.

Benefits of Adding DirectRx’s Prescription Dispensary to your Worker’s Compensation Practice:

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5/5 (1 Review)
5/5 (1 Review)