pre packaged medications

Pre-packaged medications organized and delivered better than ever before

In a highly competitive market of medical care and services, physicians and clinics who trust and use our solutions have an advantage over their competitors. 

Establishing a well-organized, well-functioning in-office medication dispensing system enables physicians and clinics to offer their patients the option to get their medications directly from the clinic – at the point of care, at the time of their visit – rather than having to take a separate trip to a pharmacy.

Offering your patients the convenience of walking out of the clinic with their medications has benefits for you, too: you can make sure your patients are filling their prescriptions promptly which then allows you to offer better follow-up care. 

The importance of uncompromised pre-packaged medications quality

Pharmaceutical repackaging, often referred to as prepackaged medications, is the process of packaging pharmaceuticals in the pill sizes for which a physician would typically write a prescription for.

Increased medication adherence and patient safety guidance can only be ensured if the medications are offered directly by the physician. Worldwide, 25-50% of patients don’t take their medications as recommended. This occurs due to a number of factors, many of which are simply because the patient never makes that second trip to the pharmacy. By having a reliable source of quality pre-packaged medications at your facility, you can help reduce this statistic and ensure total medication compliance.

At DirectRx – the leading prepackaged medication provider – we offer high-quality pre-packaged pharmaceuticals including over 2,000 of the most commonly prescribed generics, brands and over-the-counter (OTC) medications. Please see the current list of example formularies offered at DirectRx.

Each medication that is shipped to our repackaging facility goes through a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that everything we receive is up to our standards. We strictly follow all FDA and CFR guidelines to ensure the quality, traceability, and safety of all our prepackaged medication deliverables.

Reliable organization and tracking of dispensing transactions 

When you sign up for our program you will be astonished by how convenient and well-organized the program is. Once you receive your first medication order, you and your personnel will be able to easily organize the dispensing cabinet by medication name, therapeutic category, pills vs. suspensions or liquids, etc. 

As our client, you are given access to our online dispensing software which monitors each shipment you receive and tracks every dispensing transaction you perform, real-time. Furthermore, our system also stores your patient’s dispensing records and submits the state-required Prescription Drug Monitoring Program reports for you automatically, all while ensuring strict patient confidentiality. 

Repackaging pharmaceutical products from a trusted source

We are well aware that most physicians may become overwhelmed by strict requirements related to running a dispensing program on their own using bulk medications over pre-packaged. Labeling and billing, if done incorrectly, can be costly and may have negative legal consequences if proper lot control isn’t maintained, evidence of cross-contamination or lot mixing is shown, incorrect label formatting or missing information altogether, etc. 

DirectRx came to life to assist physicians and clinics in establishing well-functioning point-of-care dispensing models. We will provide the medications you need in a ready-to-dispense format and will make sure they are properly labeled according to the Code of Federal Regulations and stored in the proper temperature as indicated by the drug and manufacturer recommendations. In addition, our software will allow you to oversee the documentation required for tracking dispensed medications and will handle billing and collections. Let us do the work for you so you can focus on caring for your valued patients.

pre packaged medications

Find out more about pre-packaged medications and learn how to increase revenue for your business!

As a medical practitioner, you always prioritize your patients’ well-being and convenience but do not forget about the financial profit for your practice which can come along. Patients who would otherwise purchase their prescribed pharmaceuticals elsewhere, are now buying them at your clinic!  

Contact our representative today at 678-619-5510 to learn more details about our programs and how they can help you increase revenue for your medical practice. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have! 


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