Employer Health


  1. Reduce your annual drug spend by up to 70%
  2. Eliminate pharmacy markup
  3. Step therapy formulary to drive generic utilization
    • Pharmacy savings can cover the overhead of an entire employer clinic and staff
  4. Productivity gain of 2.8 hours per visit!
  5. Average time away from work for physician/pharmacy visit
    • Physician/Pharmacy ………. 3.2 hours
    • On-site clinic ………………… 0.5 hours
  6. Convenience: No travel to or waiting in lines at pharmacies
  7. Eliminates 3.3 billion adverse drug reactions due to illegible handwriting/abbreviations and unclear phone orders (Institute for Safe Medicine Practices)
  8. Opens the door for better provider involvement and consulting
  9. Comprehensive and usable reporting capabilities
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