point of care dispensing

How Point of Care Dispensing Improves Patient Care

We’ve all heard the phrase “a happy customer is a repeat customer”. The same is true for patient care. So in order to improve the profitability of your practice we’ve provided a list of ways that point of care dispensing can help your patients leave happier and healthier.

Increased Patient Convenience

When a patient comes into your practice it is safe to assume they are not feeling at their best. For many of them, the trip will have already been taxing and the thought of another journey to collect their medication from a pharmacy may be enough for them to postpone it. The benefit of using prepackaged medication providers is that the patient need not feel stressed or anxious about additional travel time and costs as they can conveniently collect their prescription medications as soon as they leave the doctor’s office.

Reduced Administrative Duties

Our point of care dispensing system not only provides pre-packaged medications, but it also comes with an electronic inventory system and we provide quality training to reduce the workload of your staff allowing them more time to tend to patients’ needs in a friendly and stress-free way. When a patient is treated with the time and care they each deserve they will leave the practice in a positive and fulfilled mood.

Our services offer several automation options, including:

  • Point of care automation solutions
  • Central Pharmacy automation solutions
  • Preparation and Packaging automation solutions
  • Ordering and receiving automation solutions
  • Bar-code medication dispensing

point of care dispensing

Accurate Patient Records

As with all prepackaged medication providers DirectRx enables you to keep accurate, up-to-date records. The process is made much simpler as the patient’s entire treatment journey from diagnosis to prescription collection happens in one place. This allows Physicians to easily track a patient’s medical history and costs, thus allowing the physician to make more accurate and informed decisions. 

About our Point of Care Dispensing!

Are you looking to automate your inventory? Do you need a more efficient way of keeping your patient’s records up to date? Is your patients’ access to medication and prescriptions compliance your concern? Direct Rx in-office pharmaceutical dispensing solutions and insurance/work comp billing can help you face those concerns.

With our management team that possesses a combined 50+ years of commitment to quality, service and overall satisfaction we are one of the best options for pre-packed medications. Our cost-effective products and solutions will not only increase your revenue but also expand your offerings. You will be able to give your patients all the services they provide, under one roof! 

To learn more about how we can boost your revenues, efficiency, and accuracy, contact us using one of the below:

  • Call our office at 678-619-5510
  • Fax us at 866-330-6689
  • Visit our office: 94 Worldwide Drive Dawsonville, GA 30534
  • Send us an online inquiry


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