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Our medication dispensing services allow doctors and clinics to offer their patients an option to directly get their medications from the clinic at their time of visit. This provides convenience as patients no longer need to make a separate trip to the pharmacy. Thus, providing a more convenient and hassle-free service.

Whether you are an urgent care clinic, on-site clinic, hospital, work-comp clinic or physician practice DirectRx is more than willing to meet your medication dispensing needs. We are experts at handling prescription delivery services for a variety of physician dispensing programs. Our medication dispensing program is easy to use, thus providing convenience to clinics and doctors.


DirectRx has a web-based dispensing system that is easy to use. By clicking a few buttons, you can access a variety of prepackaged medications. You can also order vitamins and nutraceuticals. Being able to provide the medications to your patients during their office visits will improve your patient satisfaction rate.

With DirectRx at your service you can rest assured that your patients will receive the necessary medications they need to improve their health.

  • Inventory replenishment

You can place your order online when you need to replenish your inventory. DirectRx in office dispensing will process your order quickly and ship it to your clinic with care. Our tamper proof packaging is sealed with protective barcoding to meet the FDA regulations.

  • Cash and carry dispensing

We also provide a cash and carry dispensing program. This is perfect for doctors who want to customize their point of care dispensing program by maintaining a smaller stock of prescribed medicines. You can customize your supply based on the medication needs of your patients.

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Compared to traditional pharmacies, our dispensing program provides a number of benefits to the doctor’s clinic, including the following:

  • Boosted patient compliance

According to research, 30% of all prescriptions are never filled. With in office dispensing, you will be able to monitor if your patients are following their prescription. An onsite dispensary also allows you to follow up on any medication-related problems of your patient. This facilitates better communication, rapport, and trust that further enhances medication compliance.

  • Increased patient satisfaction

Since your patients receive their medications during their visit, you are providing a more convenient way for them to get their prescription, which results in increased patient satisfaction. Going to a pharmacy can be an inconvenience for some patients, especially if the prescribed medication is not readily available, or if the pharmacist is having trouble reading the doctor’s prescriptions. A point of care dispensing will help minimize these errors and inconveniences, further improving patient satisfaction.

  • Increased revenue

Pharmaceutical dispensing creates an additional way for your clinic to increase its overall revenue. A modest cash and carry dispensing system in your office can be a profitable investment. As the doctor, you can oversee the ordering and restocking of necessary medicines, as well as be hands-on in ensuring their quality for the benefit of your patients.

  • Reduced workload

Having your patients’ medication ready eliminates 80% of pharmacy callbacks, which gives you more time for other important tasks. Sometimes, if the patient is not willing to pay for the medicine, the pharmacy may call the doctor’s office and ask for a change in the prescription. Others may call to verify the name and dosage of the written medication, as some pharmacists may have trouble understanding the doctor’s handwriting. If the patient can get the medicines straight from the doctor’s office through a drug dispensing program, these hassles and callbacks can definitely be reduced.

  • Updated health record

Since the diagnosis, treatment, and medication dispensing all occur in one place, the patient’s health records remain up to date and the process of record-keeping becomes simplified. With a comprehensive and updated health record, doctors can easily coordinate care as well as spot and correct potential problems.

  • Fast reimbursement process

With medication dispensing program, you will receive a full reimbursement in less than three weeks.

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