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How Doctors Can Benefit From an In-Office Dispensing System

The drug dispensing process can be simpler for a lot of patients if filling a prescription happens during their visit to the doctor’s office. It will save them the time of going to different pharmacies, where they have to wait for verification of the prescription as well as confirming their insurance information.

There are plenty of benefits for both the doctor and the patient to having an in-office dispensing system. While patients can take advantage of the convenience and be encouraged to adhere to their medical plan, doctors may immensely benefit from this process as well due to the following reasons.

1. It cuts down the back-and-forth between doctors and pharmacies.


It’s quite common for doctors to be inundated with requests from different pharmacies for verifications or change requests of prescribed medications. This includes the times when a patient, or payor is not willing to pay for certain medicines due to the cost, so pharmacies have to call the doctor for approval to change the prescription. Dispensing at the point of care eliminates this need entirely.

Likewise, point of care dispensing also eliminates certain mistakes entirely that may negatively impact a patient. For example, there are several cases where pharmacists can’t read the doctor’s handwriting on a prescription and may end up dispensing the wrong medication if they don’t take the time to verify it with the practitioner.

Such inconveniences can tie up the phone lines and may be bothersome for doctors who could be spending that same time attending to other patients. With an in-office dispensing system in place, the staff can immediately deal with any payment issues, confirm prescribed medications, and answer any questions the patient may have right then and there. 

2. It builds a better relationship between the patient and the doctor.


Because the doctor has full knowledge of their patients’ medical treatments from the in-office dispensing system data, they can properly monitor and follow through on the patient’s health care plan. A physician can practice better control over the entire treatment process and ensure compliance and adherence to current medication regimens. 

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 28-31% of patients with new prescriptions fail to get them filled because of all the hassle that comes along with getting their medication from a pharmacy. This, in turn, means that the treatment outcome for the patient could be severely impacted. Failure to adhere to a physician’s prescription orders, could mean a simple illness last longer than necessary, or worsens.

Point of care dispensing allows the doctor to guide, educate and continuously consult with the patient to ensure they are properly taking what was prescribed. It fosters a process where patients, doctors, and practice staff, can work together as a team to ensure that the patient is getting the treatment needed. 

3. It’s an additional revenue stream for the doctor. 


Depending on the clinic’s size, an in-office dispensing system can be a profitable investment and doctors may have full control of what in-demand medicines can be stored and stocked. While each state has its own rules about drug dispensing, it’s generally not burdensome to fulfill the requirements and set up the system. 

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the typical doctor sees 25 patients a day and writes 1.4 prescriptions per visit. If the practice were to make $10 on each of the 35 prescriptions, it would increase daily profits by $350 without occupying any more of a doctor’s precious time. For busier centers with multiple practitioners seeing over 100 patients a day this number increases exponentially. 

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