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Latest Trends in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Their Benefits to Your Patients

In this era of fast-paced developments, rapid changes and quick results, pharma companies are no longer just about developing drugs to sell to patients. This industry today has been integrating a more personal approach to help patients understand why they need certain drugs, and comply with their therapy, or treatments as directed. 

Pharma companies are also providing options to patients. So, here are three of the latest trends driving this industry.

Physician Dispensing, or In-Office Drug Dispensing Program

Doctors dispensing prescription drugs to patients in their offices, which bypasses the process of going to the pharmacy, have had a 300 percent increase in demand in some states in the U.S., according to a study from Helios. The biggest benefit of point of care dispensing for patients is the convenience and improvement of health, as they are able to better adhere to the treatment plan which their doctors have prescribed.

Research in the Annals of Internal Medicine cites that 30% of prescriptions fail to get filled out while 50% of medications for chronic conditions are not taken as directed. Point of care dispensing facilities reduces the challenges patients normally encounter when purchasing their medication. Thus, the outcome of their condition improves because doctors become able to properly monitor and guide their patients into taking their prescriptions. 

This is also a part of another emerging trend in the pharmaceutical industry where patients want “next-door health care” or the accessibility of medical services close to where they already are. 

Digital Transformation in the Pharma Industry

More and more health care facilities, including the pharma industry, are adopting digital technology in their patients’ treatment plan. Devices to diagnose and monitor the patient’s progress, and sharing patients’ data in a cloud platform with health care providers, offer more improved outcomes. 

It also empowers the patients to take an active part in their treatments when they have a data visualization of how treatments and medications are helping them get better. While much of this is technical, the opportunity for patients and their health care providers to connect and engage is actually made better with digitalization as everything is transparent and patient-centered.

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Increased Scrutiny on Rising Drug Costs

With legislators on both sides of the political spectrum looking for ways to lower the cost of healthcare, Pharma companies are facing new legislation that will require transparency and accountability for seemingly arbitrary price hikes on medications. This is great news for patients as it will aim to put enough pressure on Pharma companies to compete rather than price gouge. This drop in price also means that the aforementioned Physician Dispensing programs will also become much easier for local, private practices on a budget to implement in their offices, making access to medication even more feasible for patients.

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