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What Physicians Should Look For in a High Quality In-Office Drug Dispensing System

Physicians and patients alike can greatly benefit when an in office medication dispensing system is in place as it can improve the clinic’s and physician’s operations and service to the patients.

Here are some critical elements that physicians must look at when planning to set up an in-office drug dispensing system: 

1. It must have a user-friendly automated system.

An automated in-office drug dispensing system can efficiently minimize human errors in something as sensitive as dispensing prescriptions and controlling medications. The automated system should also be user-friendly with a good workflow that will improve the dispensing process and the clinic’s operations.

A state-of-the-art drug dispensing system won’t be useful if it’s confusing to the staff. Thus, Direct Rx strives to provide physicians with a user-friendly web-based dispensing system that is easy to navigate, understand, and monitor with features like inventory counting, reports, and system analytics. 

2. It must be organized. 

Medical dispensing errors account for 7,000 to 9,000 deaths in traditional pharmacy set up in the United States, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. A lot of these cases are due to the disorganization and mishandling of the medication stored as stocks.

To avoid this, Direct Rx offers a high quality in-office drug dispensing system that provides an easy but efficient way of organizing the inventory. The pre-labeled and pre-packaged medications also make it easier to dispense the drugs to patients and avoid any dispensing errors.

3. It should run smoothly without the need for additional manpower

While hiring additional staff to handle the dispensing of medications is a prerogative of the physician, Direct Rx’s drug dispensing system runs seamlessly and is very easy to use that there is no need to hire additional staff. This can reduce manpower expenses without compromising the quality of care and service to patients.

pre packaged medications

Learn more about DirectRx in office medication dispensing system

Whether you are an urgent care clinic, on-site clinic, hospital, work-comp clinic or physician practice DirectRx is more than willing to meet your needs related to dispensing pre-packaged medications

We are experts at handling prescription delivery services for a variety of medication dispensing programs. Our system is easy to use, thus providing convenience to clinics and doctors.

Get in touch with us to find out how our expertise can serve your medical practice.



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