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In-office Dispensing of Pre-packaged Medications Helps Ensure Patient Safety

There are many benefits for those offering a point of care, prepackaged medication dispensing system. This is an investment that can help boost your facility’s operations, increase patient satisfaction, as well as maintain a good patient-doctor relationship. 

Having an in-office dispensing system, while at the same time employing the best clinic practices, can definitely boost your clinic’s overall performance.

Here are some ways to ensure patient safety during in-office dispensing of prepackaged medications:


1. The system should be organized

There must be a proper and organized system to keep everything seamlessly integrated. Everything has to be laid out well from ordering the pre-packaged medications, to the shipment, to the storing and managing of the inventory. With DirectRx in-office dispensing solutions, we take care of all these things for you.

According to the National Center of Biotechnology Information, medical dispensing errors cause the deaths of 7,000 to 9,000 patients in the United States every year. To ensure that your medical facility won’t be liable for any deaths, DirectRx’s prepackaged medication dispensing program ensures that the medications are pre-labeled, pre-counted, and stored in the correct container.


2. The system should be automated

DirectRx’s automation feature of an in-office dispensing system allows little room for mistakes. With automation, you can easily keep track of everything as the software may generate various reports, including monitoring your patients’ adherence to the medication. Automation allows you to focus on patient care more instead of dispensing-related tasks. 


3. The in-office dispensing software must be easy to use

While an in-office dispensing system makes your health care facility efficient, understanding and working around the process still require human knowledge. If the software you are using is too complicated to operate, it can lead to errors in dispensing or record-keeping.

So, when investing in a good in-office drug dispensing software, physicians should choose a medication dispensing program that is user-friendly to minimize the risk for errors and ensure the safety of patients. Having it customized to the needs of your clinic, facility, or specialization is also helpful.


In-office medication dispensing solutions at DirectRx

DirectRx is one of the best providers of prepackaged medications in the industry. We offer point-of-care pre-packaged medication and customized dispensing solutions to healthcare providers.

Whether you are an urgent care clinic, on-site clinic, hospital, work-comp clinic or physician practice, DirectRx can meet your needs related to an in-office medication dispensing system.

Our system is easy to use, providing convenience to clinics and doctors.

Get in touch with us to find out how our expertise as one of the best, prepackaged medication providers can serve your medical practice.



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