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Getting Started With the Point-Of-Care In-Office Dispensing Solution for Your Practice [Easy Check List]

What is in-office pre-packaged medications dispensing?

Pre-packaged medications dispensing is the in-office preparation and delivery of prescription drugs to patients in physician practices and other clinical settings. Through new technologies which manage inventory and dosing, drug dispensing at the point of care has become a safe, effective and cost-efficient way of helping patients organize their treatment plans, while opening a new possible revenue stream for doctors’ practices.

Choosing to get involved

More and more practices are choosing to offer physician dispensing or in-house pharmaceutical services to their patients as an option to profit from the growing “one-stop shop” tendency. Even smaller practices are considering offering supplementary services to grow revenues while refining the entire patient experience

Before you decide to take the step towards offering this solution to your patients, read about how to start the process and make sure to print out the contents of this article – as a checklist of things to consider before you start. There are some things you need to know that can make or break your chances of offering a successful in-house pharmacy program.

prepackaged medication providers

The checklist

Make sure you consider these points before making your decision:


  • Make sure that your payers don’t have restrictions on where prescriptions may be filled.
  • Some brand-name drugs may be too expensive to offer at a reasonable cost, depending on your specialty. Check if this point considers you. 
  • Decide if your practice can benefit from an in-house pharmacy: to succeed you need to involve your staff to reassure patients to utilize the service.
  • Make sure that the necessary financial and staffing resources are available to set up a pharmacy and hire a pharmacist or technician to cover it
  • Determine which medications you need or wish to offer, based on which are most frequently dispensed as well as which payers will refund.
  • You will need to hire an adequate retail pharmacist or licensed pharmacy technician to fill prescriptions.
  • You will need good negotiating skills in order to handle drug pricing with payers.
  • Cost-effective choices for smaller practices include in-office dispensing not requiring a licensed pharmacist or technician. 
  • The consent of all physicians in the practice is required to get on board with an in-house pharmacy – make sure you can get that from them.
  • Consult with an attorney who can draw up the correct paperwork and advise the practice on acquiescence and other rules. 
  • Laws commanding pharmacies differ from state to state – be sure to understand your state’s laws and licensing demands.

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